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SERVICE Technical advantages


Shanghai Chasing focus on the research, design, manufacture, sales and service of liquid equipments and packing equipments, and has developed a complete production line of dispersing equipments, grinding equipments, emulsifying equipments, blending mixing equipments, filling equipments, transportation equipments, containers, process control equipments, and can provide a complete set of factory equipments for clients. We have a professional team for pre-sales who can recommend and select most suitable and economical equipments for clients.


In the long term producing and manufacturing, Shanghai Chasing has gathered and cultivated a high quality team of engineers in the cosmetic, chemical, machinery industries. Our engineers has advanced designed ideas, strict design thought, strong technical knowledge, abundant design and manufacturing experience, has offered reasonable solutions for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and achieved a good reputation from our clients.


Each engineer of Shanghai Chasing has his specialty and responsible working domain. Some are experienced in blending equipments, some have special ideas on packing equipments, some are adept at system process design, some are very familiar with instruments and appliance and so on. The design team execute strictly according to company’s design process, and team workers cooperate with each other, in order to satisfy our clients’ requirements.


“Talents are the footstone of a company’s long term development.” Our company pay great attention to talents’ cultivation. On one hand, we recruit high-quality talents from universities and colleges; on the other hand, we cultivate workers from production basic level who have skillful ability, love to learn and work hard. With continual train and self-trains, it has developed a well learning atmosphere and powerful growth momentum. Meanwhile, integrating with the requirement of time development, Shanghai Chasing has taken the lead in using 3D machinery design and computer simulation testing system, which has been the pioneer in the industry.


Shanghai Chasing has devoted itself to the product research and application for a long term with “Self-innovation, market leadership” as its own duty. In 2009 to 2010, Shanghai Chasing has developed full-automatic central control production system, which has been successfully put into production and got high approval from clients. At the same time, we positively carry out close cooperation with universities and different industrial research institutions, continually developed new products of high technology, promote the reformation and development of liquid and powder equipments.