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First, the new concept of talent selection

Companies adhere to the "Ningquewulan" principle, developed a set of strict recruitment procedures, ensure the quality of personnel selection, namely: the preliminary test - retest (written examination, operation check and reply) on a trial basis - Evaluation - employment. To make people compete in a relatively fair environment.

Two, with the new mechanism of talent training

1, the establishment of outstanding talent mechanism. On the one hand, it changed the original title of a technical post to assess the state of life enjoyment. To professional and technical personnel in the company’s achievements in scientific research, a economic benefits, with the technical level and technical innovation ability of indicators as objective foundation, to the technical personnel of evaluation and appointment of professional and technical posts. On the other hand, the company through the establishment of "salary system" and "performance appraisal system", to provide equal opportunities and competitive salary.
2, develop and organize the implementation of short, medium and long term training programs. Knowledge is a treasure, we to new knowledge to enrich employees of the mind, to the staff to learn and charging the opportunity, the company talent training characteristics can be summed up the image of "long knife, medium gold, short charging".
3, with the corporate culture to enhance the quality of employees. To promote the new concept of cultural management, emphasizing learning, creating a learning organization. Blue sky admonished to "eliminate your people, not your competitors, and should be your own", like an invisible pointer and spur the moment employees constantly learning, constantly enrich himself. Cultivate the staff’s team spirit with enterprise culture, emphasize "train people, transform people". Through the "enterprises Hing, my wing, enterprise failure insult me", "don’t work hard today, tomorrow to find a job" warning education, in an atmosphere of learning culture employees a sense of crisis, enhance the enterprise centripetal force and cohesive force, make employees ideality coherent and consistent goal, concerted action.

Three, not sticking to formalities with talent

1, to provide employees with the stage to display their talent, to stimulate the staff to the cause of talent.
2, through the "equality and trust" principle, encourage employees to consciously dedicate their talents.
3, through the brain, not for me, but for me.
4, "suitable for talent". The best is the highest state, let each person do his best, one of the. No man is perfect, talent is longer than a technique, put them in the right position, can play to their skills, let people enjoy the work of happiness, this is our people view.

Four, career, environment, treatment of talent

1, to provide a good business platform for talent to stay in business.
2, the establishment of a respect, integrity, harmonious atmosphere of the enterprise cultural environment, to the environment to keep people.
3, with a generous salary and benefits to stay